Video Lectures

Multi-media lectures and presentations on streaming video

Renegade University members directly engage in conversation with video lecture instructors and other members who have taken the same courses in Livestream Seminars, Office Hours, and The Quad.

Office Hours

One-on-one sessions with instructors online, on the phone, or in person. Office Hours range from personal consultations to full customized courses.

The Quad

The Quad is the hub of our university.

It’s a nexus for like-minded individuals. It’s a place to hang out, to find out what’s going on, to eavesdrop on fascinating conversations or to start a new one.

It’s a place to talk.

virtual seminars

We love listening to good lectures but we also want to ask questions, challenge the lecturer, make jokes, find solidarity with audience members, applaud, boo, debate, or simply express our feelings. 

Online interactive technology has made it possible to do all these things in an intimate classroom experience that’s outside brick-and-mortar universities.

Our Livestream Seminars are where questions are asked, debates are hashed out, and relationships among our members and instructors are built.

Live Events

Renegade University hosts seminars, workshops, lectures and performances by our instructors and artists and Unregistered podcast episodes recorded before live audiences.

Look for the Renegade University Tour featuring our instructors and artists coming to your city soon.

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