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Add Short “About Instructor” Bio

Instructor bios appear in the descriptions and sidebars of courses and products related to each instructor. You can edit that bio in the About tab on your profile page. Navigate to your profile page by clicking My Account or by clicking on your profile picture in the header.

Request Withdrawal

Instructors can see a list of their product sales as well as their payout status on each sale by viewing the ‘Orders’ tab in the Instructor Dashboard. To request a new withdrawal, navigate to the ‘Payments’ tab in the Instructor Dashboard and then click the ‘Withdrawal’ button all the way to the right. Select any …

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Add Your PayPal Account for Receiving Payouts

From the Instructor Dashboard, click the ‘Settings’ tab, then click Payment. Select ‘PayPal’ as the Preferred Payment Method and enter your PayPal email (you must already have a PayPal account setup for this email address).

Setting Office Hours Availability​

Instructors must set their availability before their ‘Office Hours’ can be purchased. This short video will show you how to add your availability and start accepting bookings.

Access Instructor Dashboard, Calendar, & Email

Instructors can access their dashboard, calendar, or email at any time while logged into Renegade University by clicking on the top right menu icon and selecting the option they’re looking for.

Log in as an Instructor

Instructors must login with their Renegade University Google account by going to and clicking “Login with Google” If you need help accessing your Renegade University Google account, you can email for assistance.