Make Your Own Guns: Glock 17

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2 credits


In this workshop, students learn how to quickly get their printer going, complete with calibration and troubleshooting sessions in preparation to build printed guns. Students will need to procure the necessary materials and hardware, which for this class they will use to build a DD17.2 (Glock 17). This will provide plenty of background information for students to be comfortable building a gun and will lead into the next course where we will be building an FGC-9.

Meet the Instructor

Sean Aranda and Vinh Nguyen


Vinh Nguyen (@nguyenkvvn) currently works as a software engineer, with previous background in graphic design and information technology. Having been born from a family that had escaped war-torn Vietnam, the idea of preserving freedom eventually landed him into firearm ownership, and soon afterwards, making his own guns. Sean Aranda (@3DPrintGeneral), author of “3D Printing Failures: How to Diagnose and Repair All Desktop 3D Printing Issues”, is a YouTuber who has done numerous reviews on different printers, and explored different niches and experimentations within the 3D printing world for his viewers.

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