Introducing Nietzsche

Examining Nietzsche’s policy and politics of joy, radical life affirmation, and what it means to live outside of morality – with relentless ethics.



  1. Affirmation
  2. On Truth and the Creative Instinct
  3. On Morality, Slave and Noble
  4. The World Reveals Itself
  5. Living Beyond Good and Evil
  6. Nietzsche, Postmodernism, and the Political

Meet the Instructor

Daniel Coffeen


I got my my PhD in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley in 1998 where I spent a lot of time reading and writing about Nietzsche, Deleuze, Kierkegaard, Foucault, Merleau-Ponty as well as the films of Godard, Cassavetes, and David Lynch. I taught adjunct in the department for many years and then a few more years teaching critical theory to MFAs at the SF Art Institute. But displeased with academia, I’ve been writing independently and doing a series of podcasts. I wrote a nifty little book called Reading the Way of Things: Towards a New Technology of Sense published by Zero Books.

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